The Responsibility and Opportunities We Have In This Moment with Dianne Bondy [Podcast Episode 10]

In episode 10,  Jivana welcomes Dianne Bondy to talk about how she has created her platform, grew her career, and built a global yoga community. Dianne talks about how she leaned into the virtual space early on and gives advice for folks looking for tips on how to build their own platforms. This time with Dianne gives great insight into best practices, tools and things to remember as we teach virtually. Jivana and Dianne both talk in depth about the importance of making sure that our virtual offering spaces are accessible to all. Dianne also talks about the responsibility we each have to dismantle white supremacy and the importance of understanding the place of social justice and advocacy in our yoga spaces and personal practice. 

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Episode 10: The Responsibility and Opportunities We Have In This Moment with Dianne Bondy 

In this episode, Dianne and Jivana discuss:

  • How traveling less has create more ease for her and revealed how tiring her complex travel schedule actually was prior to the pandemic 
  • How the power of manifestation in creating the career she desired 
  • How she began her career and grew her global yoga community 
  • How she leaned into virtual teaching spaces against pushback from other teachers and folks in the yoga community
  • How to create impactful work during these new normals because of social distancing and virtual offerings 
  • How to best set up lighting and positioning for teaching virtually
  • How to secure the tools you need to teach virtually
  • How to make your virtual space accessible to all
  • How race and racism are ignored and dismissed in our wellness spaces
  • How we have a deep moral responsibility as space holders and teachers of this sacred path
  • The responsibility of white teachers and the yoga community to understand the social impact of yoga

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