How does ableism show up in yoga practice and teaching?

“I’d say our job as accessible yoga teachers is to see through that veil, the veil of ableism, to understand that yoga is something that is already accessible to everyone. The essential concepts of yoga are that we have what we need inside and that what we’re doing is trying to remove the obstacles to that understanding.”

- Jivana Heyman

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered:

  • If yoga is about stilling the mind, why do we practice asana?
  • How do my internalized beliefs about which bodies and asanas are “better” influence my teaching and my personal practice?
  • How can I create a welcoming and inclusive culture of agency in my classes that honestly serves all bodies?

Now take that hand and use it to press PLAY on this video.

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In this dharma talk, Accessible Yoga creator Jivana Heyman explores some of the topics that he covers in the Accessible Yoga Training Online and discusses the way that ableism influences our belief systems which, in turn, influence the language we use when we teach. 

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