Being with Discomfort

“Sometimes when we’re talking about things like racism or systems of oppression—regardless of the identities we may be holding, there’s a resistance to the discomfort these conversations can bring. They’re hard to have. And they can remind us of the ways we’re not living in alignment.”

—Kelley Nicole Palmer

Many of us, through socialization and experience, don’t trust our ability to withstand discomfort. We don’t trust our ability to look deeply at ourselves, and to recognize the ways we’re upholding oppression without being overcome with shame, guilt, or regret. Then we might face a story that we don’t have what it takes to undo it, to be with it, or to bring curiosity to our experience. Meditation can give us tools to trust ourselves. In this short guided meditation, Kelley Nicole Palmer offers a space to sit and lean in to the practice as a pathway to creating a more just and equitable world.

Kelley Nicole Palmer (she/her) is a writer, wellness advocate and community organizer committed to using the tools and philosophies of yoga to cultivate liberation, joy and peace for herself and others. Her connection to the living practice of yoga, a path of mindful wellness and self realization fuels her work, impacts her life and propels her to want to share it with others through her writing, events and guest teaching opportunities. She remains focused on making this healing practice accessible to all, connecting to communities that are normally excluded or ignored in mainstream wellness circles.


Are you ready to activate your yoga practice for social justice?

Join Kelley for Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption As a Practice, a live online training growth and transformation. This is a space where you can come as you are, have the chance to make mistakes, and to learn and grow with other folks on this path. Through the course of the training, you’ll understand white supremacy and oppression, how you fit into these systems, and how you can use your yoga practice to disrupt, dismantle, and make change. 

November 3-12, 2021
Each class is 3 hours with scheduled breaks
5-8pm Eastern (New York) / 2-5pm Pacific (Los Angeles)
Three-tiered pricing and payment plans available

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