Teaching Truly Mixed Level Yoga Classes

*Recording now available for free webinar,
held Friday January 14, 2022

Hosted by Jivana Heyman, creator of Accessible Yoga Training

Many yoga classes are called “Mixed Level” or “All Levels” and yet they may not be accessible to all students. In this FREE mini-workshop, Jivana Heyman shared skills for teaching multiple levels of students at the same time.

Jivana explored topics such as…

  • ways to teach students who are practicing in a chair and on a mat simultaneously
  • creating a rich environment full of learning potential in mixed level classes
  • accessibility and inclusion beyond the buzz words
  • and more!

Jivana also discussed the curriculum for his upcoming Accessible Yoga Training Online, January 24th-February 7th, 2022.

If you missed this live session and would like to access the replay, please share your details below. You will be redirected to access the recording from our live webinar, and we'll email the link to you as well just in case.