Moving Beyond Body Positivity Toward Body Justice

Hosted by Amber Karnes
Founder, Body Positive Yoga
Co-Founder, Accessible Yoga Training School

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We are conditioned by dominant culture to believe that our bodies are problems to be solved or projects to constantly be improved upon. It’s no wonder that most of us end up criticizing or hating our bodies.

Maybe we think that self-love is the answer, but the “how” escapes us. Or maybe we feel guilty for spending so much time obsessing over our “small” problems (cellulite! wrinkles!) in a world with so many big problems.

The truth is, the personal is political.

The dynamics of oppression and power in dominant culture replicate themselves in our institutions and in our relationships (including the relationship to yourself and your own body).

The way we think, feel, and act toward our own body informs the way we think, feel, and act about all bodies. And so the big and small problems are one in the same.

Join Amber Karnes for a powerful session on how divesting from oppressive beliefs about the body can enable us to reclaim personal power. We’ll explore:

✅How fatphobia and diet culture show up in our everyday life, our yoga practice, and beyond
✅How dismantling those systems (in our minds, relationships, and businesses) empower us to take up space in our activism and service
✅The role of community in reclaiming personal and collective power
✅Why coming home to our bodies is the key to fully embodying our purpose, passion, and power in the world

Amber will also talk about her upcoming course, Making Peace With Your Body, an 8-session, online course about body acceptance through the lens of the yoga teachings. And, if you stick around til the end of the webinar, there will be prize drawings including Body Positive Yoga t-shirts and a free spot in Amber’s course. Hope to see you there!

If you can't make it live, don't worry. We will send out a replay after the webinar, so be sure to register if you want the recording.