Yamas & Niyamas in Social Justice

A free, online workshop with Anjali Rao

Yoga philosophy offers us a solid framework for personal and collective transformation.

In this free mini-workshop, we'll focus on Patanjali's
Yoga Sutras, which espouses the yamas and niyamas as a foundation for building an environment for yoga practitioners to thrive.

Together we'll explore:

  • The practice and cultivation of a code of ethics through the lens of the yamas and niyamas
  • How ahimsa, or non-harming, invites us to regulate our individual behavior and moral conduct
  • The ways in which each of the yamas and niyamas relates to our work as activists and advocates for social justice and equity

Join us for this free mini-workshop and you'll also learn more about Anjali's upcoming course, Yoga & Activism: A Blueprint for Collective Transformation, which begins June 20th.

Date: Sunday, June 13th

Time: 2pm-3:30pm Pacific // 5pm-6:30pm Eastern

Location: Live online via Zoom

Cost: Free

About Anjali

Anjali Rao is a yoga teacher, social justice activist, multi-cultural training specialist and a cancer survivor. She is an Indian American immigrant from Bangalore, India. Her work explores yoga philosophy and history integrating marginalized voices using story- telling, imagery and poetry. She teaches intensives integrating social justice and yoga, is a part of teacher training faculty, conducts workshops and is a speaker at wellness conferences . 

Being diagnosed at 37 for early-stage Breast cancer, and recovery for multiple surgeries brought her to her first Yoga-Asana class. She knew by the end of the first class that this practice would change her life in big ways. Her passion is to share this alchemical practice and philosophy with people across ages, genders and abilities.  

She serves on the Board for Accessible Yoga, an international non-profit and grassroots organization dedicated to sharing the teachings of Yoga with everyone. She also serves on the Board of HERS Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit that helps survivors and those going through treatment regardless of financial status.

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